New Report: 55% of Pot Smokers in Nation’s Capital are “White-Collar”

White-collar workers account for 55 percent of marijuana consumers in the nation’s capital while another 38 percent of Washington, D.C.’s tokers are reportedly “more likely to have a government job than the average person.”

These were just some of the more intriguing results to come out of a recent study performed by the Green Economics series and published by Green Market Report.

Deplorable to some but encouraging to many, the report found the Washington, D.C. marijuana market, where national cannabis policies are debated, nurtured, or killed, has more than its fair share of politically-connected smokers.

For the study, researchers polled 1,368 marijuana consumers in the nation’s capital. Representative of D.C.’s surrounding area – including portions of Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia – the investigation reports that 41.7 percent of the federal government’s employees in Washington, D.C. approve of marijuana legalization.

Who Supports Weed in D.C.?

Washington, D.C.’s marijuana smokers are highly educated and well paid

Washington, D.C. Marijuana Consumption Demographics

  • 55.3% of Washington, D.C. consumers are considered “white-collar”
  • 32.3%…

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