New Poll: Majority of Michigan Voters Support Adult Use Marijuana

A January poll indicates 56.6 percent of Michigan voters support marijuana reform, instilling elevated hopes among legalization advocates.

The new survey, conducted by The Glengariff Group, queried 600 likely voters who plan on participating in the November General Election. Conducted Jan. 16 through 19, 65 percent (390) of respondents were contacted via their landline telephones, while 35 percent (210) were surveyed via their cell phones.

Commissioned by the Detroit News and WDIV Local 4, the survey asked a few poignant and topical questions of Michigan’s would-be voters: would they strongly support or oppose legalization, and, who should decide their marijuana laws —  the federal government or the state?

Legalization or Continued Prohibition

Broken down by their commitment level to legalization or prohibition, the survey asked participants whether they “Strongly Support, Somewhat Support, Somewhat Oppose, Strongly Oppose,” or “Don’t Know” about legalization.

Categorized by demographics and political affiliations, the survey found 56.6 percent of those polled support legalizing marijuana in the Wolverine State. And while 36.7 percent opted to embrace the antiquated policy of prohibition, another 6.7 percent remain undecided.

Of those who self-identified as enthusiastic Democrats, 71.5 percent voiced support for marijuana reform, while 24.3 percent oppose it. Conversely, 43.5 percent of those surveyed with “Strong GOP” affiliations indicated support for adult use legalization, while 53.4 percent oppose it. And proving Michigan’s voters are avid supporters of the 10th Amendment, when asked who should decide their marijuana laws – the federal government or the state –  respondents overwhelmingly voted for state oversight for their marijuana laws.

Regardless of political affiliation, gender, age, race, or education – everyone agreed marijuana legalization is a state issue

As we head into the 2018 midterm elections, Michigan will have a couple of big choices to make. Not only will they need to contemplate the societal ramifications of legalization but they’ll have to decide a competitive gubernatorial race on the 2018 ballot.

While seven candidates have declared they’ll run in 2018 to be the next governor of Michigan, five candidates – four Democrats and one Republican – have publicly supported adult-use legalization.

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