New Jersey’s Vote to Legalize Weed Could Kickstart Legalization Across the Northeast

New Jersey’s Victory

New Jersey’s recent vote on legal marijuana is more than likely about to trigger a movement for adult use around and about the East Coast. After years of legislative failures, New Jersey voters authorized the legal use of recreational marijuana. This factor is due in part to a year of supporters rallying over the disproportionate number of arrests from this drug, namely in minority communities. The ballot question passed by a wide margin,  according to preliminary results from The Associated Press.

These new measures mean Philadelphians could soon just be a short drive over the Delaware River to have access to legal marijuana. Millions of New Yorkers could be on a quick train ride across the Hudson River driving tourism in New Jersey. Many New York residents already shop at dispensaries just over the border in western Massachusetts, but the prospect of consumers crossing state lines to patronize New Jersey dispensaries is expected to galvanize state lawmakers to get their own bills across the finish line.

Out-of-state visitors is exactly what pot proponents in the Garden State are hoping for. Democratic state Sen. Nick Scutari, who introduced a…

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