New Hampshire Decriminalization Law Awaits Governor’s Signature

We have been following the proposed cannabis legislation in New Hampshire’s state Congress closely this session, and we are so glad that the decriminalization measure has passed through both the House and Senate! Now, we await the Governor’s decision on whether or not this will be signed into law.

According to The Washington Times:

Governor Chris Sununu, a Republican, said earlier this month that he plans to approve the measure, House Bill 640, and applauded the state legislature for passing what he called “common sense marijuana reform.”
If Mr. Sununu signs the bill as expected, the legislation will put the Live Free or Die State on path to join the rest of New England in rolling back penalties for minor marijuana possession.

Other news outlets, such as NECN, have reported that the governor is expected to sign the bill, which would make possessing a small amount of marijuana a violation instead of a crime, removing any possibility of jail time for violators.

However, this doesn’t mean that people can possess all amounts of cannabis without some kind of legal trouble (yet-fingers crossed!).  Marijuana Policy Project has done a good job at clearly

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