Nevada’s Recreational Sales Success Is Testing the State’s Cannabis Suppliers – News

After skipping the traditionally practiced years of protocol and legislative bickering to start recreational cannabis sales just months after voters approved the legalization legislation, Nevada is proving just how successful the western desert’s legal weed industry has the potential to be, with the first month of sales bringing in $27 million in revenue.

The state collected more than three and a half million dollars in tax revenue from the first month of recreational weed sales alone, and while numbers from August and September are not yet available to the public, they are expected to be similarly high. It didn’t hurt that the start of legal weed sales fell smack dab in the middle of Las Vegas and Reno’s summer party season. 

“A lot of it plays into the tourist industry here.” Stacy Castillo, a representative for Reno-based MYNT Cannabis, said. “We have a lot of people coming in from out of town to just partake in the many events we have. It kind of fell right into events season for us and I think that was a big part of why we did so well.”

Even with smoke-happy tourists stepping off every plane in the state, not everything in Nevada’s cannabis industry…

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