Nevada Cannabis Distribution License Expansion Is Back on Hold (Again) – News

Nevada’s marijuana licensing is back on hold again after state regulators have agreed to hear another appeal from the alcohol industry. The official rollout of recreational cannabis in the state has been off to a rocky start, due to an ongoing battle between a group of liquor distributors and the Nevada Taxation Department over the right to transport recreational marijuana from cultivators to dispensaries.

The ballot measure that legalized marijuana in the state gave liquor distributors exclusive rights to cannabis licenses for the first 18 months of sales. When state legislators voted to allow early sales of recreational cannabis at medical marijuana dispensaries to begin this July, the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada filed a complaint. This spring, a district court judge issued an injunction preventing the state from giving cannabis licenses to anyone other than liquor distributors.

Last week, Carson City Judge James Russell lifted this injunction after Deonne Contine, executive director of the state taxation department, said that there was not enough interest on the part of liquor distributors to fulfill the heavy demand for legal cannabis in the Silver…

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