Native American Leaders Meet to Discuss Cannabis Businesses on Tribal Lands – News

As cannabis legalization unfurls across the United States, a number of Native American tribes are looking to the plant as an economic boon to help their struggling communities. Last week, tribal leaders from California and Washington state met to discuss allowing their lands to be used for pot businesses.

According to USA Today, In attendance were members from the National Indian Gaming Association, several of whom were calling on tribes to welcome the cannabis industry onto their lands. During the meeting, David Vialpando, Southern California’s Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission chairman, pointed to the recent success of the Iipay Nation in San Diego as proof of the economic and health-related benefits of legal marijuana.

Earlier this summer, the tribe revealed their plan to transform a casino parking lot into a series of cannabis production facilities, and they seem to have found their stride in the evergreen market. According to Vialpando, the Iipay Nation leases their tribal lands to marijuana cultivators, while taxing dispensaries and charging regulatory fees in return. The tribe currently has six producers, a testing lab, and a distillation facility on their…

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