More People Were Arrested for Marijuana in 2016 Than for All Violent Crimes Combined – News

Despite the fact that marijuana has been made legal in some form or fashion in over half the United States, law enforcement agencies are still busting more people for weed than the combination of aggravated assaults, rapes, murders and all other violent crime.

According to the latest FBI crime data, which was made public on Monday, cops stepped up to serve and protect civil society last year by hauling 653,249 people to jail for violations related to marijuana. Interestingly, the majority of these arrests were not for people connected to hard-core drug smuggling rings, but for average citizens caught up in the throes of antiquated prohibition laws. Ninety percent of the marijuana arrests in 2016 (587,516) were for pot possession alone, the report shows.

This means at least one person per minute is being arrested in the United States for simply holding a little weed.

To makes matters worse, the new FBI Uniform Crime Report shows that marijuana arrests in 2016 increased from the previous year. That’s right – even while voters in the states of California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts were casting ballots in favor of marijuana legalization, police forces were…

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