Missouri Lawmaker Introduces Adult Use Bill, Gutting Current State Program

Proposed Changes to State Medical Marijuana Program

Missouri legalization enthusiasts are talking about possible changes to pot laws as we roll into this new year. As Missourians have become more familiar with the state’s budding medical marijuan industry, one  lawmaker has introduced a measure that would allow for adult recreational use. House Joint Resolution 30, introduced by Rep. Shamed Dogan, a republican who represents Missouri’s 98th District in St. Louis  County would open up avenues of cannabis reformation that would potentially have a large impact on the current state program.

Missouri voters passed the Compassionate Care Act, legalizing medical cannabis use, back in 2018. But this new piece of legislation, proposed by Dogan and called the ‘Smarter and Safer Missouri’ Initiative, would ultimately eliminate the licensing process and restricted-license structure ushered in by state health officials during 2020. In its place, the proposal, which was pre-filed just this  December, seeks to establish a licensing process not unlike other industries in the state.

In speaking with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Dogan commented that ‘support for marijuana legalization…

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