Michigan Medical Marijuana Board Proposes Shutdown of All State Dispensaries – News

On Monday night, Michigan’s newly formed medical marijuana board unveiled a proposal that would effectively shut down every dispensary in the state. The measure caused dismay among patients in the Great Lake State, many of whom are dependent on dispensaries to obtain their medicinal cannabis products.

Introduced by board member Donald Bailey, the measure would force operating dispensaries to close by September 15. Those that refuse to comply would become ineligible under the new licensing system that will go into effect starting December 15. If passed, the proposition would leave many medical cannabis users without a place to legally buy treatment, and could push patients towards the black market.

The medical marijuana board was recently put together to help create regulations that would stifle the rapid growth of local pot shops, but some feel that the board is overstepping their bounds and acting more like law enforcement. Prior to the recent proposal, no changes were expected to take place until the end of this year.

The medical marijuana board argues that the current batch of dispensaries are operating illegally, citing a 2013 ruling from the Michigan Supreme…

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