Medical Marijuana Research Funding Vetoed By Gov. Rick Scott

On Monday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott vetoed $409 million in state projects, of which “three line items” would have generated millions for marijuana research at the University of Florida and the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Scott’s untimely veto rejects the will of the voters and strips the allocated funds from studying the medicinal plant. Classified as a Schedule I narcotic within the Controlled Substance Act, marijuana has long been labeled a “dangerous drug under federal law.” And, thanks to that farcical classification, DEA-approved research into the cannabis plant has been nearly nonexistent.

Eager to gain a greater understanding of the medicinal benefits and potential risks associated with medical marijuana, State Sen. Bill Galvano encouraged his fellow politicians to challenge the accepted norms. According to Florida’s News 4 Jax, Sen. Galvano was interested in learning more about “the real effects” of medicinal cannabis and what the potential downsides may be.

Florida’s legislators…

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