Medical Marijuana Is Now Officially Legal in Mexico – News

Following landslide victories in the country’s house and senate, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has officially signed medical marijuana legislation to legalize the plant-based medicine nationwide.

By signing the bill yesterday, President Peña Nieto has authorized the country’s Health Ministry to craft more specific medical marijuana rules, including cultivation and sale.

For now, doctors will be able to prescribe low-THC, high-CBD medication to treat a number of ailments. To get around those pesky low-THC limits rather easily, patients will also be able to grow their own cannabis at home.

The medical marijuana legislation passed through Mexico’s lower house in parliament by a vote of 347-7 and through the Senate by an equally promising margin of 98-7. Peña Nieto’s signature was the last pen stroke necessary to legalize the medicine across the country. 

Mexico’s Health Ministry is expected to make more concrete regulations concerning medical marijuana in the coming weeks.

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