Massachusetts Legislators Will Consider Blocking Anti-Pot Towns From Receiving Cannabis Tax Revenue – News

The rollout of recreational cannabis sales in Massachusetts has run into a stumbling block as over 100 local municipalities have voted not to allow canna-businesses in their jurisdictions. Cannabis advocacy groups have pointed out that although these municipalities will not be supporting the state’s cannabis industry, they will be receiving equal shares of the expected $150 million or more in cannabis sales tax revenue.

To level the playing field, advocates are pushing for a new bill that would reduce the amount of cannabis revenue that is funneled to areas that have banned local canna-businesses. Next January, the Mass. Recreational Consumer Council plans to work with state legislators to introduce a bill that would reduce state payouts to municipalities that have prohibited cannabis by an amount equivalent to the area’s share of cannabis tax revenue.

“Municipalities shouldn’t be entitled to something they took no part in,” Kamani Jefferson, head of the MRCC, said. The proposal “would force their hand and really encourage them to let these businesses in.” The current law allows municipalities to collect a 3% tax on retail pot sales while also taking a 3% cut of…

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