Massachusetts Finally Advances Improvements to Medical Cannabis Program – News

Massachusetts officials have announced that a long-delayed set of regulations intended to increase patients’ access to medical cannabis are finally ready. The new rules were finalized by the state’s Department of Public Health back in September 2016, but were put on hold while state legislators re-wrote the voter-approved ballot measure that legalized recreational cannabis in the state last November.

The new rules will allow certified nurse practitioners to apply for permission to issue cannabis recommendations, and will also allow employees of nursing homes, hospice centers, and other medical facilities to administer medical cannabis. These regulations will greatly expand patients’ access to medical cannabis, and will help establish marijuana as a more normalized treatment.

The regulations also include rules to help medical canna-businesses. Dispensaries would be allowed to post their prices online, allowing patients to comparison shop between providers. Cultivators would be permitted to grow cannabis plants from cuttings (or “clones”) instead of seeds, bringing them into alignment with mainstream canna-farming practices which will help them save money, while also…

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