Maryland Lawmaker Files Marijuana Legalization Bill Ahead Of 2021 Session

Maryland lawmakers are preparing to consider marijuana legalization during next year’s legislative session. This week, a lead proponent in the House of Delegates unveiled an early outline of what the state’s legal cannabis system could look like.

Del. Jazz Lewis (D), who prefiled the legalization bill, shared a draft of the legislation on Tuesday. While his office said it’s “still working on the bill” and that “things are subject to change,” Lewis’s current plan would legalize and regulate cannabis, allow for sales by state-licensed businesses, expunge past convictions, and establish a social equity program meant to reinvest in communities hit hardest by the war on drugs.

In a statement, Lewis said he introduced the legislation, HB0032, “because we have the data and popular opinion on our side to end prohibition. States that have legalized have seen a decline in teen usage due to disruptions of the illicit market,” Lewis said. “Law enforcement has mostly stated they would rather go after actual criminals than young people who shouldn’t be involved with the justice system. We can and should do better,” the lawmaker continued.

“We allow for the…

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