Marijuana Policy Update for Minnesota

In our previous article about potential legalization of marijuana in Minnesota, we mentioned that there were a few bills regarding marijuana policy that had been introduced to the State Legislature this session.  One of these bills is HF 2714 and was filed by State Representative Tina Liebling.  Rep. Liebling represents District 26A (Rochester) in Minnesota.  You can follow HF 2714 here.

Representative Liebling graciously gave me some of her time to answer my questions about what is going on with marijuana policy in Minnesota right now.  Here is our Q&A:

LM: Why is marijuana policy reform important in the state of Minnesota right now?
RL: There are many reasons to remove the prohibition on personal use of cannabis. I don’t claim that cannabis is 100% safe, but there is strong evidence that prohibition is doing much more harm to Minnesota than a system that permits adults to cultivate cannabis for personal use and regulates commercial production and sales.

LM: What do you hope this bill [HF 2714] would accomplish, if signed into law?
RL: Many Minnesotans are buying already cannabis on the black market–where they are brought into contact with criminals, risk…

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