Maine’s Legislative Committee Butchers Recreational Cannabis Bill – News

The concept of drive-thu pot sales and home delivery were among some of casualties of Maine’s recreational marijuana law, as state lawmakers put on their white aprons on Wednesday and proceeded to butcher the what’s what behind legal weed.

According to a report from the Portland Press Herald, a legislative committee ripped and cut some of the exciting elements out of Maine’s marijuana regulations yesterday, promising to tear more pages out of the 70-page bill by the end of Thursday.

It is necessary for the this panel to get all of the bone saw politics out of the way this week in order for the bill to be ready for the full legislature toward the end of October.

The Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee slashed a number of regulations from the proposal, including drive-up pot sales and home delivery. It also squashed a rule that would have allowed anyone who has been a resident of the state for at least six months to apply for a license to open a recreational marijuana business. That requirement, which would remain in effect until 2020, has now been raised to two years.

Other adjustments were made, including ones that prevent medical marijuana plants…

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