Maine Governor Says He Will Veto any Cannabis Regulations that Leave Medical Marijuana Untaxed – News

Voters in Maine legalized recreational cannabis last November, and now, after months of discussions in the state legislature, lawmakers are almost ready to pass regulations and start the cannabusiness licensing process. But as lawmakers work to establish rules for the newly passed legalization, Pine Tree State Governor Paul LePage said this week that he would veto any bill put in front of his desk that did not set tax rates for both recreational and medical marijuana.

According to the Mount Desert Islander, Gov. LePage spoke at a local Rotary Club meeting this week and told constituents that legislators current cannabis tax plan, to pull state funds out of the recreational market but leave the state’s medical sales tax-free, will not make it into state law books.

“Colorado has nontaxable medical marijuana and taxable recreational marijuana, and everybody is becoming a medical user. We’re making the same mistake,” Gov LePage said.

Maine lawmakers and regulators have been meeting with Colorado’s “marijuana czar” Andrew Freedman in an attempt to sort out the best practices for recreational legalization, and Gov. LePage is convinced that Colorado’s…

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