Los Angeles Finally Issues First Cannabis Retail Licenses – News

Late last week, Los Angeles officials awarded their first licenses to cannabis retail establishments, beginning the city’s transition into the fully legal recreational market. The state legalized full recreational sales as of January 1st, but L.A. businesses are unable to participate in this booming new market.

California awarded its first state recreational licenses back in December, but many individual towns and cities, including L.A., have been taking their time debating and drafting the necessary regulations. This has made the transition into full legal sales difficult for some businesses because the state will not approve any licenses until their local municipality approves them first.

“Anyone in L.A. only has the city license, because the state says that they wouldn’t grant us until the city recognized us,” David Slocum, owner of Mother Nature’s Remedy Caregivers, the city’s first new medical license recipient,¬†said to LA Weekly. “Since L.A. was dragging their feet and didn’t give anyone a license until yesterday [Jan. 12], the state refused to accept any of us until we got our local license.”

L.A. officials are also requiring all of the city’s existing medical…

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