Legislators in Tennessee and Nebraska Advance Proposals to Legalize Medical Marijuana This Year – News

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Scientific evidence confirming the medicinal properties of cannabis is getting harder and harder to ignore, and even conservative, Republican-dominated states are beginning to show support for medical marijuana. This week, Republican legislators in Tennessee proposed a bill to legalize oil-based medical marijuana, and on the very same day a Nebraska state senator proposed a ballot measure to let the state vote on allowing medical cannabis.

Tennessee state Rep. Jeremy Faison and Sen. Steve Dickerson introduced the Medical Cannabis Only Act of 2018 on Thursday. This bill would allow patients suffering from over a dozen qualifying conditions, including PTSD, AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, or seizure disorders, to use oil-based medical cannabis products. The legislation would not allow users to possess or grow cannabis plant material, however, and each qualifying patient would be issued a registration card with a chip that would prevent a patient from purchasing more cannabis than their doctor prescribed.

“Some of our sickest Tennesseans desperately want the freedom to choose what is best for their own health, and they want to be able to make that…

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