Legal Pot Recommendations Released by New Brunswick Working Group

A provincial working group based in New Brunswick released an interim report today that outlines how the province may handle adult-use cannabis when it becomes available in July of 2018.

Consisting of Ministers from Public Health and Safety, the Department of Finance, as well as the CEO of the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation, the group is expected to release a full document in the fall, but today’s recommendations offer a window into how legalization will look in the maritime province.

The recommendations include:

  • a Crown corporation model to regulate and sell cannabis in the province
  • a legal age of 19 for possession and consumption of cannabis
  • a personal possession limit of 30 grams, consistent with the limit outlined in federal Bill C-45
  • an outline of strategies to reduce harm and risk

New Brunswick Health Minister Victor Boudreau stated that even if the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation was handling the distribution and sale of adult-use marijuana, the two products would not be sold together. “There have been very strong arguments made that they should certainly be different points of sale,” he said. “It wouldn’t be within liquor stores even if it was…

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