Legal Cannabis Took Another Big Step Forward in Canada This Week

Yesterday, the famed Bill C-45 took another step forward in Canada’s Parliament by successfully completing its second reading in the debate process.

This legislation, which will usher in a whole new era of cannabis reform for Canadians, passed with a 200-76 vote. The bill will now be sent to Canada’s Standing Committee on Health (HESA), where subcommittee members from different parties will discuss the fine details of the legislation.

The second reading in the debate process took several days and was finally quelled when the Liberal government motioned for a time allocation, which put a limit on how long the bill could be debated.

The debate of the legislation along party lines has been highly predictable thus far. The Liberal majority spent most of its time defending the bill and stating that this legislation is the best path forward. The New Democrats (NDP) threw their support behind the bill, but have remained vocal on their desire to decriminalize pot now and end possession arrests.

The Conservatives continued with their default position that pot should not be legalized. It’s clear, however, that the Conservatives historic stubbornness towards marijuana has…

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