Lawsuit Could Delay Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program – News

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program could experience delays if a recent lawsuit goes in favor a disgruntled applicant, calling for a complete redo of the licensing process.

Last Friday, attorneys for Keystone Releaf LLC filed a complaint in the Commonwealth Court seeking an injunction against the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The lawsuit, which suggests the medical marijuana licensing process was “arbitrary, capricious, and unreasonable,” is calling for the state to scrap all of its cultivation and dispensary licenses and begin anew.

Keystone was among the hundreds of companies that applied to become one of the companies permitted to produce, process and sell medical marijuana products to the state’s registered patients. The company did not secure a permit to participate during the first round. Another round of selections is scheduled for 2018.

In the lawsuit, the company claims the Department of Health violated the state’s Right-to-Know law by keeping the parties responsible for selecting the license winners a secret. The complaint suggests the selection process was “infected by bias and favoritism.”

“No applicant understands how or why…

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