Las Vegas airport allows travelers to ditch weed stash before flying

(via Wikimedia Commons)

Las Vegas tourists are now encouraged to dump their legally purchased pot before catching a flight.

The McCarran International Airport has installed 13 amnesty drop boxes to let travelers legally get rid of any marijuana products before entering a security screening, reports the Las Vegas Sun.

“The drawer pulls out; you drop your stuff in and you close it. You can’t really get your hand in there,” said McCarran spokesperson Christine Crews to the Sun. “If you start tampering with them, you’d be detected pretty quickly.”

The stash boxes are emblazoned with Clark County’s ordinance and are clearly marked in a black, bold font stating: “Disposal for Prescription and Recreational Drugs.”

Nevada legalized adult use and possession of marijuana in 2017, although a separate law bans possession in airports. Adults the age of 21 and over can legally carry up to an ounce of flower or an eighth of an ounce of concentrates, but Transportation Security Administration agents can summon local police if marijuana is found during a security checkpoint screening.

Seven more bins are planned to be…

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