Kratom Advocacy and Legality in 2022

Every region of the world has traditional and ceremonial plants and herbs they’ve turned to for centuries. Several of these herbal alternatives fade in popularity as they are replaced with more modern options. However, many remain popular in their regions, and some even attract global attention. Kratom is one such plant enjoying a resurgence in recent years. Its legality varies from one state to the next, but advocates are working to eliminate Kratom prohibition everywhere. In our 4th article with The Weed Blog, we are going to explore Kratom’s legal status as well as advocacy efforts around the plant.

Kratom is a small tree, closely related to the coffee tree. It is indigenous to Southeast Asia and tropical regions of Africa. It’s primarily grown in Thailand and Indonesia, where locals have chewed Kratom leaves for centuries. The leaves can also be ground into a powder, dried to make tea, encapsulated, or put through an extraction process to isolate and concentrate the plant’s active compounds.

These compounds, called alkaloids, are at the heart of the debate surrounding this plant. The most familiar are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two…

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