Kentucky Residents Sue State Over Medical Marijuana Ban – News

Three Kentucky residents have filed a lawsuit against state officials to challenge the state’s prohibition of cannabis. In the suit, Dan Seum Jr., Amy Stalker, and Danny Belcher argue that over half of all American citizens are able to effectively use cannabis as a treatment for various illnesses, and that Kentucky residents should have those same rights. “It becomes cruel when you have a solution that works and is helping people in other states, but if people use it here, they’re criminals,” Stalker said.

The lawsuit, which names Governor Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear as defendants, argues that the state’s ban of medical marijuana violates the plaintiffs’ rights under the Kentucky Constitution to be free of the “absolute and arbitrary power” of the government over their “lives, liberty, and property.” The plaintiffs asked the court to decriminalize marijuana possession and trafficking for them “insofar as they seek to use cannabis for valid medicinal purposes.”

“I know veterans who are drugged out of their minds on 25 or 30 pills for all sorts of stuff, approved by the VA. They drug the daylights out of us Vietnam vets because they…

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