Kentucky: Republican Senator to Propose Adult-Use Bill Prior to 2018 Legislative Session

Kentucky Senator Dan Seum (R-Fairdale) has an intriguing idea on how to bridge the state’s 2018 budget gap: legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana.

Sen. Seum, Kentucky’s Republican Senate Majority Caucus Chairman, hypothesized that legalizing recreational marijuana could add as much as “$100 million” annually to the state’s depleted coffers.

A fiscally responsible conservative, Sen. Seum served on the Financial Services and Interstate Commerce Committee from 2009 to 2010. As such, Seum believes the current state of “desperation might help” sway his fellow politicians — persuading them of the dollars and sense of legalizing marijuana in Kentucky.

In addition to supporting recreational marijuana as a means of generating new revenue for the state of Kentucky, Sen. Seum is also in favor of expanding casino gaming.

Betting big on liberty in the Bluegrass State, Sen. Seum told Spectrum News that he intends to offer legislation aimed at legalizing…

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