Kentucky Lawmaker Pushes for Yet Another Restrictive Medical Marijuana Program – News

Kentucky lawmakers are pushing once again to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. However, the proposal being discussed this time around is an extremely restrictive approach, as it would only allow terminally ill patients to gain access to cannabis medicine.

State Senator Morgan McGarvey of Louisville announced earlier this week that he would soon introduce a proposal aimed at legalizing marijuana specifically for patients about to die. The goal of this measure is to give physicians the freedom to issue recommendations for the herb to those folks in position where hospice care is the only available option.

“There are people who are suffering, and we are prescribing morphine for these people right now,” McGarvey said, according to WDRB. “But we’re unwilling to give them marijuana to help them get through their chemotherapy treatments, to help them digest food or to help them enjoy the last months of their life.”

Although a similar bill did not so much as receive a hearing during this year’s session, mostly because lawmakers are still convinced that it is a backdoor to full-blown legalization, McGarvey feels confident the issue will gain some traction in…

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