Kentucky Lawmaker Looks to Recreational Marijuana to Solve Pension Problems – News

Kentucky lawmakers are back to the drawing board once again in hopes of drafting a scheme to legalize marijuana – this time suggesting that retail weed could be a salvation’s wing for the state’s pension system.

Republican state Senator Dan Seum, whose son, Dan Seum Jr., was at the heart of recent a lawsuit against the state calling for the legalization of medical marijuana, says he soon plans to introduce a proposal designed to bring a fully legal cannabis industry to the Bluegrass States.

The goal of the measure is simple – to allow legal weed to generate millions of dollars each year to “pay down estimated unfunded liabilities…in the state pension systems,” reports Spectrum News.

“I think desperation might help — we need a billion dollars (a year),” Seum told the news source.

“I’m looking at adult use, because that’s where the money is at” he added.

Lawmakers are set to reveal their pension reform proposals in the next couple of weeks, but it will likely be next year before the issue takes center stage.  

Seum said he will attempt to convince his colleagues that bringing an end to marijuana prohibition, and thereby establishing…

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