John Morgan Calls Cannabis Industry Boycott Against Roger Stone a “Mistake” – News

While controversial political strategist Roger Stone has vowed to repair the broken system keeping marijuana from being made legal in the United States, a small group of cannabis advocates, some of which believe his ties to President Trump make him a racist, want to see him banned from participating in events connected to the cannabis community.

It was recently revealed that Stone, a man who has been one of Trump’s most loyal advisors for the past several decades, launched a bipartisan advocacy group called the United States Cannabis Coalition. The goal of the organization, which has since attracted the support of Florida attorney John Morgan, is to try and persuade President Trump to remove marijuana from the confines of the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act and effectively overturn federal marijuana prohibition, once and for all.

“It is our intention to press the Trump Administration from the top down to recognize the medicinal value and economic potential of cannabis,” Stone said last week in a statement. “We have an innovative, outside the box strategy to win this important fight and I am confident that with our support, the president will ultimately keep his…

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