Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice Is Blocking Cannabis Research – News

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who transitioned from a Senate seat to head honcho at the U.S. Department of Justice, is preventing cannabis research from moving forward, according to a recent report from the Washington Post.

Last year, shortly after refusing, once again, to reschedule the cannabis plant, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration announced that it would allow other growers (other than the University of Mississippi) to get involved in the cultivation of research marijuana. Yet, so far, the agency has not been able to put this plan into action because the Justice Department has apparently refused to give the matter the necessary approval.

“They’re sitting on it,” a law enforcement official close to the situation told the Post. “They just will not act on these things.”

Despite the fact that there are now 25 organizations waiting for a shot to grow weed to be used for research, “the Justice Department has effectively shut down this program,” said an official with the DEA.

The scientific community has complained for decades that it next to impossible to conduct important research with respect to the cannabis plant because of all of the…

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