Italian Parliament Closer to Medical Cannabis Acceptance

The Italian Parliament has moved a medical cannabis bill forward to the Senate. If adopted, the legislation would create a uniform framework across Italy for marijuana as medicine.

In 2007, Italy’s Department of Health made a decree which allowed doctors to prescribe cannabis to patients who need it. The Italian army was even given the task in 2016 to grow cannabis to cut the price of the medicine to €8 per gram for Italian patients.

Despite the legal shift for the medicine which started a decade ago, the Italian Parliament has yet to adopt a comprehensive set of national regulations for medical marijuana. That particular legislation has taken a step forward this week with the passing of a bill to the Senate floor.

This [bill] is based on a series of different proposals, among [them] is our popular proposal of law,” said Antonella Soldo, president of Radicali Italiani in an interview with

Last year, the Radicali movement and the Luca Coscioni Association secured 68,000 signatures from citizens asking for legal adult-use marijuana. That bill did not move forward but Soldo said the portion for medical cannabis in her legislation was included…

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