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Although the law hasn’t yet really caught up with the public opinion, Spain is one of the most liberalized places in Europe when it comes to marijuana. The still stagnant legality makes the cannabis culture a little bit tricky to understand, but it is nonetheless one of the most marijuana friendly places to be. This article is an overview about the current legal situation in Spain regarding weed.

Spain has become one of the most cannabis-liberal parts of Europe for its relaxed attitude towards marijuana. It is a decentralized country, meaning that the laws vary from place to place, and any region can go about setting up its own marijuana laws. It is one of the most comfortable places to consume cannabis, and in certain circumstances, even grow.

Barcelona is quickly becoming one of the weed capitals of the world, with hundreds of cannabis clubs. The marijuana laws in Spain are the reflection of a long cultural history with using cannabis, giving Europe one of the most cannabis friendly countries in the continent. This article is an overview of the cannabis laws in Spain with reference to sale, growth and…

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