Is Cannabis legal in Germany? The Latest

With the move towards the legalization of cannabis worldwide, many people are left confused as to what the laws are in different countries concerning weed – especially visitors. Today we will tackle Germany and the latest legal status of weed there. Stay tuned to future blogs for info on other destinations.

According to the most recent World Drug Report, marijuana is consumed, cultivated, and trafficked more than any other drug in the world. Its popularity is certainly undeniable. But, its legal status has been heavily debated for years.

A lot of countries are on the fence about legalizing marijuana for recreational use. But, more research is being produced every year about the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Many people have come around to supporting its legalization for medicinal purposes thanks to this research.

Countries all around the world have started legalizing medical marijuana, and Germany jumped on board just this year.

Medical marijuana is now legal in Germany. But, the new law comes with some important conditions. Anyone who lives in or is thinking about visiting…

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