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Although some of its European counterparts are more liberal, the legal status of cannabis in France is not so friendly. Overall, the consumption, possession and cultivation of cannabis is illegal. Keep reading this article to learn about the penalties associated with these crimes, as well as the legal status of hemp and medical marijuana in France.

Contrary to its surrounding European countries, France has adopted stricter laws when it comes to the sale, possession and cultivation of cannabis. In general, sale, possession and cultivation are strictly prohibited in France. However, more emphasis is applied to the amount that is confiscated and whether it is deemed for personal use or with intent to sell.

At this stage, the French people are looking towards legalization, especially given that marijuana use in France is not unheard of. The initiative regarding hemp is already underway, and industrial hemp has been legalized. Although steps are being made to legalize cannabis (at least medicinally), France is not the most marijuana friendly of the European countries.

Consuming and possessing cannabis in France


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