Irish Medical Cannabis Activist Flees for the Netherlands

While European countries move swiftly to create cannabis reform for patients in dire need of the alternative treatment option, the Government of Ireland is intentionally stonewalling their medical cannabis bill, according to at least one member of the Parliament of Ireland.

As reported in the Irish Times, Member of Parliament (TD) Gino Kenny stated that the cannabis bill he co-authored is being “run into the ground” by the feds.

The Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill passed the first and second stages in the Dáil (parliament) in December of 2016 but appears to have stalled on its way to the committee stage.

At this point, the bill needs to be scrutinized by the country’s Oireachtas Health Committee, which examines all matters related to the Department of Health and its agencies. Once that stage is complete, the bill can be sent back to the Dáil for a final vote.

“It is now imperative that the committee gets sight of the legal advice to progress it,” said TD Kenny. “It hasn’t moved since December. It’s becoming clear that [the bill]is being dragged out to the point where the government is effectively closing it down.”

While the…

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