Illinois Marijuana Sales Top $1 Billion in 2020

After just a year of recreational marijuana sales, the Land of Lincoln has already hit an economic milestone: $1 billion of legal cannabis sold. 

Cannabis Sales in Illinois: The Road to $1 Billion

Since the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana back in January, cannabis sales have been steadily climbing ever since. This past December was another new monthly high for recreational sales, with the state’s 80 legal dispensaries selling $87 million worth of adult-use cannabis products (approximately 1.9 million items sold). According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, that figure is up about 15% from November, and that jump in sales was enough to push Illinois’ total yearly sales above $1 billion. 

Increasing cannabis sales have become the norm for Illinois dispensaries across 2020, with total monthly sales more than doubling what retailers were reporting when shops first opened back in January 2020. After a bit rocky upstart, rising sales figures have resulted in record numbers almost every month:


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