Idaho Cannabis Activists Push For Recreational Weed Legalization on 2022 Ballot

Leaders of pro-cannabis movements are confident that – with recent victories in states like Montana and South Dakota – Idaho is ready for a big change in marijuana policy. 

COVID-19 Halts Weed Legalization in Idaho

Earlier this year, Idaho marijuana activists were hard at work collecting signatures. In order to get medical weed legalization on the ballot in November, petitioners would have to collect over 55 thousand signatures by May 1st. When April 2020 rolled around, Idaho Cannabis Coalition (ICC) volunteers had already collected the names of over 40 thousand Idahoans, but the threat of COVID-19 would soon put the entire operation in jeopardy. After a series of campaign cancellations across the country, the ICC announced that volunteers would no longer be conducting in-person signature collecting.

While the campaign attempted to refocus their efforts on digital petition distribution and collection, their efforts fell short, and activists were forced to set their sights on the future. Commenting on the loss, Idaho Cannabis Coalition spokesperson Russ Belville said, “we will file immediately to begin the process of placing it on the 2022 ballot. The need for medical…

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