How to Get a Medical Card in Guam

Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Guam?

Yes, you can get a medical marijuana card in Guam. During the 2014 midterm elections, Guam legalized the use of medical cannabis to treat “debilitative conditions”. While licensed dispensaries are not currently operational and a solid MMJ program has not been properly implemented, there is an active patient registry, and Guam is accepting applications for new patients. 

Can You Possess Medical Marijuana in Guam?

Yes. With the passing of Bill 215-32 in 2014, qualifying patients are allowed to possess and use marijuana to treat a variety of medical maladies. And while government-licensed dispensaries aren’t available at the moment, home cultivation by patients was legalized with the passing of Bill 302-34 in 2018. 

What is Required to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient?

The requirements for registering as a medical marijuana patient in Guam are fairly standard. Hopeful patients just need to be proven residents of the territory, be diagnosed with a qualifying condition, receive written certification from a physician, and successfully complete a Registry ID Card Application. While there are thought to be thousands of qualified patients…

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