Georgia Senate Candidate Pitches Marijuana Legalization Plan To Young Voters On TikTok

Georgia Senate candidate, Jon Ossoff, is done taking the youth support for marijuana legalization for granted. In his runoff bid, he’s deploying campaign tactics on the social media app “TikTok” to promote his support for marijuana legalization!

Why Senators are Taking to TikTok to Spread the Word About Cannabis Legalization

With two weeks before the vote, and one other Georgia Senate runoff election (which together will decide which party ultimately controls the Senate), Ossoff’s campaign has taken this stance on the heavily teen-populated app to generate enthusiasm. It’s been met with mixed reviews in the media, but one of his latest videos, published on Tuesday, is at least reassuring for cannabis reform advocates. Ossoff recognizes that marijuana legalization is popular among young people, and he proclaims on TikTok that their vote in Georgia will determine whether sweeping federal marijuana reform is enacted in the next Congress.

The Famed TikTok Campaign Video

In the video, Ossoff pretends to call a restaurant to place a food order and spells out his first name, mnemonically referencing parts of his progressive agenda that seems to be popular amongst voters, in…

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