Ganjapreneurs Push Boycott of L.A. Cannabis Expo Over Keynote Speaker Roger Stone – News

A group of cannabis business leaders, advocates and activists are boycotting the upcoming Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo event being held in Los Angeles next month. The push against the convention comes after the event named Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone as the Expo’s keynote speaker.

Roger Stone, a self-described “political dirty trickster,” helped push Donald Trump from irrelevant celebrity to the highest office in the nation, is a longtime marijuana advocate and recently helped found the United States Cannabis Coalition, a group aiming to convince Trump to lean towards legalization. But for everything Roger Stone has done to try and turn cannabis into a mainstream money-maker, countless incidents of racist and sexist bigotry and a seeming lack of moral guidance have made him a controversial figure to say the least.

According to Weed News, in the wake of last weekends white-supremacist terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia and president Trump’s subsequent “both sides” speeches, the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) wanted to be very clear about their opposition to Stone’s prime spot at the upcoming conference.

“As a…

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