Fright Night Fear-Mongering: New Jersey Officials Warn Trick-or-Treaters to Watch Out for Weed Candy – News

It was only a matter of time. Like every year since Colorado first legalized cannabis, law enforcement officers are using anticipation for All Hallow’s Eve to scare people about weed.

According to Fox’s Philadelphia affiliate, police officials in Gloucester County, New Jersey are warning parents to watch out for THC-infused gummy edibles mixed in with their children’s fun-sized Snickers and Twizzlers.

Of course, history has told us that no one is actually going to waste their expensive edibles to sneakily assault strange children, and Gloucester County cops presented their warning with no evidence or examples, instead using classic reefer madness tactics to try and scare parents away from the most sacred of childhood holidays.

“Parents need to be aware and check for unusual candy packaging. If they suspect their child has received marijuana candy they should immediately contact their local police department,” Jim Jefferson, Liaison to the Gloucester County Addictions Task Force, told Fox 29.

And if we lived in a simpler time, that warning might have been effective; with parents needlessly throwing away their pint-sized Iron Man’s well-earned bounty for fear…

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