Four Ways to Regulate Recreational Cannabis

For decades, punitive and prohibitive drug policies have been implemented. Today we know that they do not work and cause serious harm. The War on Drugs has failed. Now, there are countries that want to reform such policies, regulate recreational cannabis and comply with international law. Do you want to know how they can do it? Keep reading.

For decades, punitive-law drug policies have been implemented to end the global drug market. Prohibition and punishment have been used as deterrents against those involved in the production, distribution and use of narcotic substances. However, today, it is clear that these policies – in addition to being completely inefficient – have caused serious collateral damage. The War on Drugs has been a resounding failure in which there is no winner. As a result, many stakeholders around the world advocate for policy reform and explore new avenues for a new approach. In this article, we introduce an interesting proposal prepared by a group of experts, so that countries that wish to take a…

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