Four out of Massachusetts’ Five Cannabis Control Commission Members Oppose Recreational Legalization – News


With recreational cannabis legislation expected to go into effect next year, Massachusetts lawmakers recently finished putting together a marijuana policy board to help craft regulations for the Northeastern state’s pot industry. At the surface, you might expect this to be the last progressive step towards full-scale legalization, but there seems to be a troubling pattern among the members of the new Cannabis Control Commission.

According to the Associated Press, back in November, four out of the five appointed board members voted against recreational cannabis legalization. This has raised serious concern among local advocates, many of whom are calling for reassurance that the panel won’t try to hinder implementation of the voter-approved law. On Friday, Britte McBride, Kay Doyle, and Shaleen Title joined the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission alongside Steven Hoffman and Jennifer Flanagan.

The board was selected by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey, and state Treasurer Deb Goldberg. Of the five appointed commissioners, only Title (pictured above) voted in favor of the state’s recreational cannabis ballot measure. Known…

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