Feds Drop Charges Against D.C. Marijuana Activist Who Offered Congressional Staffers Free Weed – News

A District of Columbia-based marijuana activist who handed out free joints earlier this year during a protest near the U.S. Capitol will no longer have worry about facing federal charges.

According to a report from the Washington Post, all of the charges filed against Adam Eidinger for his role in an April 20th protest, where complimentary weed was distributed to Congressional staff members, have been dismissed. Eidinger, one of the leading masterminds behind the campaign to legalize marijuana in the District, was facing misdemeanor possession charges for holding nearly 80 joints at the time he was arrested.

The charges were dropped after officials with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration determined that Eidinger was holding less than two ounces of marijuana, which is legally permitted in the District. Eidinger, who has been forced to make several court appearances since his arrest, believes all of the trouble stems from the federal government not understanding “that people have a right to give cannabis away in the District.”

“They don’t have a very good legal argument to prosecute them,” he said.

While marijuana is legal to possess, grow and give…

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