Federal Bill Introduced to Legalize Medical Marijuana at the National Level – News

Just days after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was caught trying to persuade Congressional figures to potentially allow him to prosecute medical marijuana patients, a bi-partisan group of federal lawmakers have introduced a bill aimed at legalizing medical marijuana nationwide.

The bill is a piece of rehashed legislation called the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States Act, or CARERS Act. It was originally designed to “allow patients, doctors and businesses in states that have already passed medical marijuana laws to participate in those programs without fear of federal prosecution.”

Perhaps the most important component of the proposal is that it would establish a concrete policy that could not be challenged by Justice Department. For now, the only provision protecting the medical marijuana community from a DEA crackdown is a rider tucked inside a federal spending bill known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment.

This temporary shield prevents the DOJ from spending federal tax dollars to investigate, raid and prosecute those people and businesses connected to state regulated medical marijuana programs. The only problem is that while Congress…

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