Everything You Need to Know About the New Jersey Legalization Bill – News

In the future, when all 50 states have finally legalized marijuana, we’ll all look back at Colorado for being the alpha with the biggest nugs for helping to make it happen. Colorado’s success has given other states the blueprint for thriving economically under legalized marijuana, and their success so far makes it seem insane for other states to not move forward with legalization. But, alas, it’s been a slow process.

The next state that may make marijuana legal could be New Jersey. Thanks to Senator Nicholas Scutari submitting a bill to legalize marijuana in the state, and Governor Chris Christie’s term in office coming to a close next year (with the chance of replacing him with a marijuana-friendly politician), the timing might be perfect. “States that have legalized cannabis have not seen the doom and gloom scenarios that the critics had predicted,” said Sen. Scutari.

However, his bill isn’t without its problems or critics. Check out the MERRY JANE News report above to find out more about how the Garden State getting greener than it ever has before. 

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