Edmonton Proposes Cannabis Lounges for Legalization Day

Although Canada has an unbridled love of all things cannabis, vapour lounges and other types of marijuana consumption sites have always been illegal. This is due mainly to the fact that consumption of non-medical cannabis is, for the moment, still against the law.

Despite this challenge, the City of Edmonton is proposing a bylaw change that will effectively clear a path for cannabis clubs to be a part of the legalization mix.

Abi Roach is one of the most successful cannabis club owners in Canada. She runs the legendary Hot Box Cafe in Toronto, Spliff Magazine, as well as a cannabis bed and breakfast in Jamaica.

Any changes to cannabis consumption laws in Canada affect Abi’s business. She spoke with Marijuana.com today about the potential good news in Edmonton.

“I’m really excited that Edmonton is seriously considering [the change in bylaw],” said Abi. “The City of Toronto did a research paper in 2012, which recommended that lounges be an integral part of [the landscape].”

Abi went on to add that lounges are necessary if city officials don’t want citizens consuming weed in public places, which is why her business is allowed to exist in the eyes of the…

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