Did Atlanta Decriminalize Marijuana Possession or Not? – News

Although an early morning Twitter post by the Atlanta City Council suggested that the proposed ordinance to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana throughout the city had been “vetoed” by Mayor Kasin Reed, the mayor’s office has since confirmed that this is untrue.

On Wednesday morning, the council tweeted “Good morning #Atlanta. We received an email overnight that the Mayor VETOED our marijuana legislation for less than once ounce. More to come.”

Less than an hour later, the council recanted its original Tweet, saying that they were ill informed and that the mayor had not made the decision to veto the decriminalize bill.

A separate Tweet from the council suggests that someone in the office confused the matter and that the mayor’s veto was actually for a proposal designed to sell off land in the town of Hapeville.

“Apparently our new over-zealous social media person tweeted the wrong thing, Atlanta City Council Communication employee Tony Gomez told NBC News.

Earlier this morning, Mayor Reeds’s director of communications confirmed with CBS News that the mayor did not veto the measure pertaining to the city’s marijuana laws.

“He didn’t (veto…

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