Despite His Anti-Weed Stance, Energy Secretary Rick Perry Supports State Pot Legalization Rights – News

While Jeff Sessions continues to pressure lawmakers into lifting legal weed protections and unleash the full force of the war on drugs on states with voter approved medical or recreational marijuana legislation, Trump’s Secretary of Energy, and failed presidential candidate Rick Perry took to the White House podium and expressed his support for state-approved legal weed as a state’s rights issue – even though the former Texas governor is still firmly against legalization.

According to the diligent C-SPAN consumption of MassRoots’ political honcho Tom Angell, Perry fielded a question at Tuesday’s press briefing about the climate-change fighting Obama-era Clean Power Plan that Trump is set to scrap as a jumping off point to speak about state’s rights and legal weed protection.

“I thought that Colorado was wrong in allowing for the use of marijuana, which they’ve decided to do. But that’s their call,” Perry said on Tuesday. “I will defend that right robustly. That ought to be their call.”

So while the man who took his cabinet job without knowing what it actually entailed supports doing away with global warming standards because of state’s…

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